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How well do you know your scrap metal?

You’re interested in recycling your scrap metal, but do you know which metal is which? Here at Entrec, we specialise in the recycling of scrap metal – we’d even go as far to say we’re experts! So here’s a quick guide:


First of all, Aluminium is quite light, in fact it’s three times lighter than iron. It’s also completely non-magnetic and it doesn’t rust. Thumbs up, there.


Copper is mostly used in wiring and electronics, and is usually red or brown in colour. Believe it or not, pure copper is actually bright pink. There are numerous forms that scrap copper can take […]

19th December 2016|

Thinking of trading your scrap metal? Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, business or homeowner, recycling scrap metal is an easy and convenient way to make a little extra money and, of course, has tremendous benefits to the environment as well.
Where to take your scrap metal
The scrap metal industry is tightly regulated in the UK, and those laws are in place to protect you, so it is essential that you look for a licensed waste transfer station.
Here at Entrec we have access to top of the range, specialist equipment, enabling us to reliably and efficiently dispose of almost all scrap metal. We are fully licensed by the Environment […]

20th October 2016|

Scrap Metal Recycling Tips

Our tips can speed up your recycling process and ensure that you get the most from your recycling.
Separate out whole items
Some metal items can be handed into a recycling centre as they are, as they can then be expertly broken down. This ensures that as much metal as possible is extracted and processed, and includes items such as motor parts, car batteries, catalytic converters and even vehicles.
Clean and dirty metals should be separated
Extra processing is needed for metals that are contaminated with rust, mud, etc. That is why it’s a good idea to keep contaminated metals separated from other metals. […]

18th August 2016|

Trade in Your Scrap Metal

Often, disposing of scrap metal can be thought of as an inconvenience, however recycling your scrap metal is a smart source of additional income. When you recycle your scrap metal with us at Entrec, we will offer you the most competitive prices in the area.
Whilst it can be a good idea to hold onto your scrap metal until you have a volume that seems worth the trip to a recycler, or waiting for the price of scrap metal to reach a high point, be mindful that it could be losing value. Depending on the conditions of where your scrap metal […]

27th July 2016|
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