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Electronic Waste

Electronics are almost everywhere and are a part of our everyday lives.

Due to the mass amount of electronic items there is a lot of waste that comes with it as a result. When looking at a UN report we can see that there was 53.6million metric tonnes of e waste generated globally in 2019 and only 17.4% of this being recycled. This is becoming a huge problem as not only is the waste an eyesore to look at there are also many dangerous items contained with in e-waste such as copper and silver which is highly combustible adding to even […]

7th September 2021|

Secure Destruction

Is it time to dispose of your company’s old data and materials?

Businesses are required by law to ensure that all confidential material is disposed of in accordance with UK legislation.

As a business you will want to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that if you outsource your confidential materials that it is destroyed in the correct manner. Entrec operates a completely secure destruction service, which not only maintains customer confidentiality, but also gives you maximum financial returns. Security procedures are of a great importance at Entrec and all staff members carry out through security checks in order to guarantee […]

2nd June 2021|

Demolition & Dismantling

Demolition is the tearing-down of buildings which involves taking a building apart while preserving the valuable elements for re-use.

Demolition regulations can be complex. However, at Entrec we have the experience, licensing and training to ensure that all projects are carried out in accordance with current legislations, while providing a punctual, reliable and honest service.

Professional demolition companies like us use high quality equipment, meaning the methods are faster, more complete and efficient, ensuring the entire building/part is removed effectively as possible.

For more information about our Demolition and Dismantling services, please get in touch with the team today.

4th March 2021|

Skip Hire Service

Everyone wants a cost-effective solution for disposing of waste, that also saves time and energy.  Skip hire services are becoming increasingly popular because they are essential for everything, especially during the global pandemic of COVID-19 as it’s the quickest, safest contact free service.

Entrec’s skip hire service provides customers with a bespoke, effective waste management solution, supplying skips of all sizes to meet all needs and requirements.

All staff at Entrec are fully licensed and capable in providing the safe collection and transportation of waste, with an immediate exchange skip service available upon request.

Get in touch with the team today to find out […]

5th January 2021|
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