Thinking of recycling your scrap metal? Here are 5 reasons to convince you to do it.

  1. Meet recycling industry standards

Most industries are seeing an increase in strict policies that they, must meet in order to avoid fines or green taxes. Recycling your scrap metal will help you meet those standards as well as stay ahead of policy changes.

  1. Offset your businesses carbon emissions

With the world being in an environmental crisis, recycling metal and reducing your zero to landfill target can be a great big step.

  1. Save money by reducing production cost

It is cheaper to recycle metal than to send it to landfills.

  1. Preserve depleting natural resources

Recycling metal reduces the need to mine for virgin metal and saves precious natural resources such as coal and iron ore. Because of this, scrapping unwanted metal is seen as eco-friendly and an easy way to improve your company’s green credentials.

  1. Make money on scrap metal

At Entrec we understand the importance of recycling and the great uses of metals. That’s why we pay competitive prices for your scrap metal.

To recycle your scrap metal, either contact us or visit us on our recycling site: