Electronics are almost everywhere and are a part of our everyday lives.

Due to the mass amount of electronic items there is a lot of waste that comes with it as a result. When looking at a UN report we can see that there was 53.6million metric tonnes of e waste generated globally in 2019 and only 17.4% of this being recycled. This is becoming a huge problem as not only is the waste an eyesore to look at there are also many dangerous items contained with in e-waste such as copper and silver which is highly combustible adding to even worse environment problems. These problems need solutions like Entrec.

As a well established metal recycler in North Wales, Entrec have a mission to provide continuous recycling solutions. With top of the range specialist equipment we can reliably and efficiently dispose of scrap metal.

Using Entrec for your electronic waste needs ensure all electrical items varying from large household appliances to toys, leisure and sports equipment will be disposed and recycled of safely.

If you are aware of any electronic items that you want to dispose of safely or have any to be recycled please contact Entrec to help reduce the high amount of e-waste and help towards making a change to the environment.

For more information on our electronic waste services, please get in touch with the team today.