You’re interested in recycling your scrap metal, but do you know which metal is which? Here at Entrec, we specialise in the recycling of scrap metal – we’d even go as far to say we’re experts! So here’s a quick guide:


First of all, Aluminium is quite light, in fact it’s three times lighter than iron. It’s also completely non-magnetic and it doesn’t rust. Thumbs up, there.


Copper is mostly used in wiring and electronics, and is usually red or brown in colour. Believe it or not, pure copper is actually bright pink. There are numerous forms that scrap copper can take – boilers, tanks, pipes and also dry bright wire. This is when cable is stripped down and the copper remains, and this is the most valuable grade of copper.

Iron / Steel

Iron is very magnetic, strong and heavy. It has a tendency to rust when exposed to oxygen and water. This can be avoided by painting it, or by using a spray-on oil or wax coating. Iron and steel is used to make a lot of everyday things.


Lead is even heavier than iron – 150% denser to be exact. It’s a relatively soft metal and is used in pencils, and is also used on roofs and in construction.


Brass is usually a yellow colour, and is about half the price of copper. Musical instruments are often made from brass, but it is also found in pipe valves and fluid manifolds.

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