Non-ferrous metals like copper are hard-wearing and long lasting, but when they get to the end of their life, they can be difficult to get rid of safely – particularly if it’s been part of your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, as the WEEE Directive has made it hard to leave electronic equipment at your local landfill. So what better reason to recycle your waste copper with Entrec? We give your company the best value for money and return on your investment, as well as helping you do your bit to reduce landfill and promote your business’ environmental responsibility.


Recycling copper takes on average only around 10% of the energy it takes to manufacture the original product – and as our current world demand mines only 12% of known copper ore across the world, recycling your scrap copper both conserves natural resources for the future, and contributes significantly less towards world CO2 emissions. It’s also been shown that the refining process for copper ore releases a significant amount of toxic chemicals such as sulphur dioxide – thankfully, most copper manufacturers do their best to capture these gases, but the waste product that escapes has shown a demonstrable effect on both air and land pollution across the globe.

Global Market

In Europe, 41% of our copper demand is met by recycling scrap metal; this is probably because of how much cheaper it is to recycle than mine and refine, particularly since recycled copper is worth as much as 90% as the original product! The global demand for copper production as grown by over 250% since the 1960’s, which means that by supporting the British copper recycling industry, you’re contributing toward the UK economy and continuing its legacy of a world class metal manufacturer! Here at Entrec, we’re proud to be part of a national tradition of metal recycling and manufacture, and our aim is to support our local businesses in getting the best value for their scrap metal – the UK scrap industry employs over 15,000 people nationwide, so we like to think we’re giving a little bit back to the community.


If you’re interested in learning more about our steel and ferrous metal recycling, chat to one of the team today on 01978 664 060, or send us a message here; or, you can visit our non-ferrous metals and WEEE pages to find out what kinds of copper we can process.