Lead is a widely used metal due to its dense, malleable and soft characteristics, found in everything from car batteries to paint pigment, ammunition to cable sheathing, dumbells to radiation protection! This metal can be made into a variety of things, however, when it is no longer needed or needs to be replaced it can be challenging to get rid of safely. As it is a toxic metal, lead cannot simply be thrown into a bin and sent to the landfills. When these materials are disposed of improperly, it can cause many hazardous problems, for example, the lead could leak into the groundwater and contaminate it.

Recycling lead waste brings many advantages to both the industry and to society, with areas such as energy consumption, carbon emissions, resource conservation and costs being positively affected. When it comes to energy consumption, the recycling of used lead products requires only about 1/3 of the energy needed to produce lead from raw ore!

Due to this, by recycling your lead, major amounts of energy are saved and the carbon emissions are reduced. In addition to saving energy resources, the reduced demand for virgin metal also results in less demand for mined ores, which will be conserved for future generations.

These are all great reasons to recycle with Entrec, as we can guarantee safe disposal and recycle this metal the right way – guaranteeing your responsible business management and environmental targets!

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