Our tips can speed up your recycling process and ensure that you get the most from your recycling.

Separate out whole items

Some metal items can be handed into a recycling centre as they are, as they can then be expertly broken down. This ensures that as much metal as possible is extracted and processed, and includes items such as motor parts, car batteries, catalytic converters and even vehicles.

Clean and dirty metals should be separated

Extra processing is needed for metals that are contaminated with rust, mud, etc. That is why it’s a good idea to keep contaminated metals separated from other metals. Additionally, you can also separate out metal pieces that contain a combination of more than one type of metal – e.g. an aluminium pipe that has steel screws attached.

Find out what type of metal you have

The best way to check the type of metal you have is to test it with a magnet. Any metal that the magnet attracts is a ferrous metal, and non-magnetic metals are non-ferrous. Separating out the two main types of metals for processing can speed up the process and ensure you get the most from your recycling.

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