Aluminium is known as the ‘green’ metal and is the most environmentally friendly, non-ferrous metal due to its low energy needs and high scrap value.

As a popular container for food, drinks, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, it is used in cans, trays, coffee capsules and more.

Due to its atomic structure, aluminium does not degrade during the recycling process meaning it can be recycled infinitely to produce the same product. This makes it both economical and environmentally effective.

There are many benefits of recycling aluminium both for the environment and the economy including:

· Energy Saving – recycling aluminium saves energy. Raw ore requires a large amount of energy to process into usable aluminium.

· Reduce Carbon Footprint – recycling aluminium will reduce your own personal carbon footprint and tackle global warming.

· Make Money – if you recycle aluminium to a professional recycling company, you can sometimes make spare money.

· Infinitely Recyclable – there is no limit to how many times aluminium can be recycled and it can be recycled back into itself.

· Keep it Out of Landfill – recycling will keep aluminium out of landfills where it would take a long time to decompose.

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