Let’s focus on how recycling can benefit your construction business directly.

When you pay someone to haul away scrap metal without giving any thought to sorting and recycling those materials, you’re letting them drive money right off your job site. It’s very unlikely that they’re just going to dump it at a landfill site. In fact, usually the haulers will sort it all themselves and then sell it for a tidy profit, on top of the fee you paid them to take it.

A construction or demolition company that doesn’t have a scrap management plan involving recycling may not only look out-of-touch to potential customers, but they also lose big projects with clients who believe in the importance of recycling. Either scenario is damaging to your business – and it can be easily avoided by putting a scrap management plan in place.

If you work in construction, chances are you’re already using materials that contain a high percentage of recycled metals in your latest project. These products are just as strong and durable, but much more cost-effective. So, if you know recycling scrap metal helps keep your project costs low, why wouldn’t you want to contribute to the process that keeps it that way?

By partnering with a trustworthy scrap metal recycler, you can create an additional source of income, helping you offset any end-of-project costs and increasing your project’s profitability, increase your company’s reputation with clients and contribute to a system that helps to lower the overall costs of your projects.

Entrec are the region’s number one metal recycler, and we currently process large volumes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminium, brass, lead and steel.

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