Often, disposing of scrap metal can be thought of as an inconvenience, however recycling your scrap metal is a smart source of additional income. When you recycle your scrap metal with us at Entrec, we will offer you the most competitive prices in the area.

Whilst it can be a good idea to hold onto your scrap metal until you have a volume that seems worth the trip to a recycler, or waiting for the price of scrap metal to reach a high point, be mindful that it could be losing value. Depending on the conditions of where your scrap metal is being stored, its quality and condition could deteriorate over time, which will affect the value when it comes to trading it in.

Here at Entrec we recycle all grades of ferrous metals, including iron, steel and end of life vehicles. We also buy and recycle all types of non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel, nickel alloys, electrical cable, and more. We guarantee to provide our customers with a high quality and efficient service as well as offering the most competitive prices.

If you’d like to find out more about recycling your scrap metal with us at Entrec, call us today on 01978 664 060, or come and visit us at the Wrexham Industrial Estate.