Recycling Wires and Cables

Anything with a plug, battery, cable or wire CAN be recycled.

When recycling with Enrec, your life is made easier as we take care of everything. From cable scrap recovery to recycling. You don’t need to worry about compliance as we recycle obeying the regulations and legislations. We can provide all customers with a complete solution to cable problems at extremely competitive prices.  By recycling your wires and cables you’re doing your part in contributing to circular economy as your cable waste is turned into recycled raw materials.

It’s always important to remember the three R’s;

Reduce the amount of waste
Reuse […]

19th November 2020|

Why Recycle?

When recycling metal with Entrec, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. Metal recycling also means there’s less need for risky, expensive and damaging mining and extraction of new metal ores.

Recycling with Entrec is easy:

Contact Us
Bring in your metal
Get your material weighed
Get your material processed
Receive full documentation
Receive payment

We have access to top of the range, specialist equipment, enabling us to reliably and efficiently dispose of almost all scrap metal. With our team of fully trained professions and effective data management structure, we offer quick solutions to all […]

13th October 2020|

WEEE Recycling

Find out what WEEE recycling is and the benefits of recycling.

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical & Environmental Equipment (products that are battery or plug operated).

The benefits of WEEE recycling contribute to a better environment. As it reduces the burden on landfill, meaning fewer harmful chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere. Also, using recycled rather than raw materials to make new products helps to lower levels of greenhouse gases being sent into the environment

Entrec will take the hassle of managing your recycling responsibilities. Our experienced team ensure that all electronics devices are disposed of in a secure, effective and environmentally friendly […]

30th July 2020|

Vehicle Recycling

If your car, truck or van is no longer in use or is too expensive to repair, a great solution is getting it scrapped. One of the main services Entrec provides is vehicle de-pollution, offering competitive prices to take full responsibility of customers’ scrap vehicles. Scrap metal from cars can be recycled by Entrec, significantly reducing the amount that ends up in the landfill.

Money in Your Pocket
By turning your vehicle into scrap you can make money. It’s a great way for car owners to make some quick cash or even find the down payment for their new vehicle.

Great for […]

2nd June 2020|

Ferrous vs Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Are you at the point where you have some scrap metal you want to recycle and make some money in the process? Well here at Entrec we can help with that, as our mission is to provide sustainable recycling solutions and value for our customers.

But before you scrap your metal, it’s worth knowing the difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal.

Ferrous Metals;
• Stainless steel is a common form of ferrous metal
• Are usually magnetic
• Can rust (oxidise)
• Very high tensile strength

Non-Ferrous Metals;
• Can be – aluminium, copper, tin and precious metals like gold and silver
• Non – magnetic
• Malleable
• Lightweight

Although ferrous metals are recycled in far greater quantities, […]

20th May 2020|

Reasons To Recycle Scrap Metal


Did you know…

Recycling your scrap metal can be worth a lot of money. Here at Entrec we specialise in the buying and processing of all ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals such as; steel and iron can be expensive to buy and difficult to get rid of at the end of their use. Recycling your steel with Entrec gives your company the best value for money and return on your investment, as well as does your bit towards helping the environment.

At Entrec we are able to purchase any amount of scrap metal from a variety of different sources. This includes […]

7th February 2020|

Benefits of Metal Recycling

Recycling metal reduces pollution, saves resources, reduces waste going to landfills and prevents the destruction of habitats from mining new ore.

Environmental Benefits

Metal recycling conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using less energy than making metal from virgin ore. The production of new metal releases a far greater amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared with making products from recycled metal.

Energy Conservation

The amount of energy saved using various recycled metals compared to virgin ore is up to:

92 % for aluminium
90 % for copper
56 % for steel

Good for The Economy

Metals recycling supplies a major worldwide industry. […]

27th November 2019|

Secure Destruction Benefits

Secure destruction for businesses is a requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Every piece of data is valuable, no matter how old and companies can’t afford to keep every digital or physical information and just deleting the file or putting it in the bin doesn’t secure confidentiality. Therefore, secure destruction whether it be shredding, granulation, shearing or baling processes is the one way to guarantee that once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

With a third-party secure destruction service, it takes time off the employees physically having to do it themselves. Therefore, staff can be more productive with their time. Also resulting […]

30th October 2019|

Reasons to Recycle: Aluminium

Aluminium is a great non-ferrous metal. It is:

Heat resistant

These properties make it one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals found in a huge variety of industrial and everyday items – most commonly in drinks cans, but also in other types of food packaging, electrical conductors, and engineering and automotive design!

The best thing about aluminium? It can be recycled indefinitely, without ever losing its quality. As one of the most valuable commonly discarded metals – the aluminium industry in the USA alone pays out almost 1 billion dollars a year for recycled cans – it really […]

2nd July 2019|

Reasons to Recycle: Lead

Lead is a widely used metal due to its dense, malleable and soft characteristics, found in everything from car batteries to paint pigment, ammunition to cable sheathing, dumbells to radiation protection! This metal can be made into a variety of things, however, when it is no longer needed or needs to be replaced it can be challenging to get rid of safely. As it is a toxic metal, lead cannot simply be thrown into a bin and sent to the landfills. When these materials are disposed of improperly, it can cause many hazardous problems, for example, the lead could leak […]

24th May 2019|
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